10 Frequently Asked Questions About Fibreglass Spas

Do you dream of having an oasis of relaxation in your own backyard? Why not install one of our fibreglass spas to take advantage of the benefits of hydrotherapy in any season? In this article, Aqua Innovation answers 10 frequently asked questions to help you make the perfect choice.

1. What are the benefits of Aqua Innovation’s fibreglass spas?

Our fibreglass spas will offer you beneficial effects for the body and mind thanks to the combined effects of heat, weightlessness, and massage. You’ll feel your muscles and joints relax. And you can decompress and find serenity!

2. Are your fibreglass spas equipped with massage jets?

Yes, of course! We offer different massage jet configurations that may be suitable for different uses. The jets on our fibreglass spas relieve aches and pains, improve joint mobility, and soothe tensions throughout the body.

3. What are the advantages of fibreglass?

Aqua Innovation’s fibreglass spas stand out through their superior durability. Fibreglass doesn’t corrode, and it offers excellent structural strength. In addition, our fibreglass spas have incomparable watertightness thanks to their monohull structure.

4. How are your fibreglass spas installed?

Our fibreglass spas can be installed in a few easy steps, even if you have no prior experience. But if you don’t want to take care of this task yourself, we offer a complete, hassle-free installation service.

5. What type of spa should I choose?

We offer different styles of fibreglass spas, including the superb Nature Series and Urbaine Series spas, that can be adapted to any type of landscaping. No matter what style you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find your dream spa at Aqua Innovation!

6. Are your fibreglass spas noisy?

The technical modules for our spas are specially designed to be installed far away from the tub, thus making room for the pleasant sounds of nature rather than the unpleasant noise of the motors.

7. Can I use my spa in the winter?

Absolutely! Our fibreglass spas are designed to work regardless of the season and the temperature. They’re usually built into the ground, which protects them from the influences of the wind and the freezing cold.

8. Do your fibreglass spas require much maintenance?

Not at all! Like all our loyal customers, we’re in favour of efficiency and simplicity. The maintenance of our fibreglass spas requires few chemicals to keep the water clean and free of bacteria. First, you just need to balance the water parameters, then add an oxidizing antibacterial product such as bromine or chlorine.

9. Are Aqua Innovation’s spas more expensive than other spas?

Even including installation, the prices of our fibreglass spas are definitely competitive compared to aboveground spas, which usually have to be installed on concrete slabs. In addition, our fibreglass spas add value to your property.

10. Where can I try a Nature SpaTM?

Several health centres, hotels, and inns have chosen to install one of our fibreglass Nature Spas. By buying a package or staying with them, you’ll have the chance to try one of our ultra-relaxing spas. Check out the list here: https://www.aquainnovation.ca/fr/contact.php#spa.

To learn more about our spas, contact Aqua Innovation today!