5 Advantages of Buying an In-Ground Pool for Teaching Children How to Swim

What could be more wonderful than seeing children laughing and having fun in the water? A child’s first time in the pool is a truly magical moment. But to enjoy the water safely, it’s important to teach children how to swim. Buying an in-ground pool can definitely help people both young and old become better swimmers. In this article, Aqua Innovation presents the benefits of buying an in-ground pool for teaching children how to swim.

1. Swimming: A sport to practise all your life!

It’s no secret: swimming is a great exercise that works all your muscles and your cardio-respiratory system. It’s a sport that a child can start learning at a very young age (with the help of a parent, of course) and that they can continue to practise all their life! It’s therefore a way to learn healthy habits from childhood. In addition, because the water in an in-ground pool provides a feeling of weightlessness, swimming is an exercise that’s easy on the joints and that can be practised at any age.

2. Physical development

For children, swimming helps develop all the muscles symmetrically, working both sides of the body in an equal manner. Swimming also helps children develop their breathing capacity, such as when they learn to hold their breath underwater. By practising swimming in an in-ground pool, children also learn to coordinate their movements better and become aware of their body.

3. Mental development

Swimming is a sport that helps children develop their attention span and their self-confidence. These are skills that will help them in every facet of their lives. Just imagine the smile on your child’s face when they can finally float and swim on their own “like a grown-up!” To get to that point, they naturally have to be patient and practise regularly in an in-ground pool. It’s therefore also a way to learn perseverance!

4. Sleep and relaxation

Swimming is a physically demanding practice. A child who has access to an in-ground pool can therefore practise swimming both for fun and to expend their excess energy! In addition, water has a therapeutic effect on the body that promotes sleep and relaxation. A child who practises swimming will therefore get to sleep more easily at night, which will help them be in better shape the next morning!

5. Learning to swim: A matter of safety!

For parents, it’s extremely reassuring to know that your child knows how to swim. Even though adult supervision is always required around an in-ground pool, it’s comforting to know that your child isn’t afraid of water. Another important fact to highlight: Aqua Innovation’s fibreglass in-ground pools have full-size steps and benches. These elements, which are built into the shells of our pools, are very well suited to children and will give you a sense of added security.

As you can see, buying an in-ground pool is a wise decision for any parent (or grandparent) who wants to help a child learn how to swim. Aqua Innovation offers several models to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about our in-ground pools and fibreglass spas.