5 Advantages of Owning a Fibreglass Pool

Summer is fast approaching! It’s time to get outside and enjoy your yard. Imagine: fresh air, good food, mood music, great company, fires in the evening… All that’s missing from this perfect scene is an in-ground pool! If you’re still hesitating to take the plunge, this article offers 5 arguments that will convince you to choose a fibreglass pool from Aqua Innovation.

1. Precious moments among family and friends

By installing a fibreglass pool, your yard will instantly become a meeting place of pleasure and relaxation. Children will love spending time in your in-ground pool to play and learn how to swim. Adults, meanwhile, will want to take advantage of the water to relax after a long day. Your fibreglass pool will attract your family and friends like a magnet, so you can spend quality time in their company. Take advantage of it to have barbecues around your pool and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!

2. Health and well-being

Having a fibreglass pool at home is like having your own private gym. Swimming is a great sport that works all the muscles and the cardiovascular system. Or you can use the resistance of the water to do aquafitness exercises that will help you tone your whole body. No more excuses for staying inactive! You can work out at home without needing any special equipment. Thanks to your fibreglass pool, you can get moving more often, even in a heatwave. Buying a pool is therefore an investment in your health and well-being for years to come.

3. Sleep and relaxation

Water provides many therapeutic effects. This is called hydrotherapy. Water produces a feeling of weightlessness that helps the muscles and joints relax, so you can let go, unwind, and chase away your daily stress. And have you noticed that you sleep better after a swim? That’s because your body expends more energy to regulate your body temperature when it comes into contact with cold water. In the evening, you’ll feel tired in a good way, which will help you find a soothing, quality sleep. That’s one more reason to use your fibreglass pool every day.

4. Added value for your property

It’s estimated that an in-ground pool can add between 8 and 15% to the value of a property. By installing a fibreglass pool, you’ll beautify your landscaping and create a “wow” effect! Your property will be much more attractive to potential buyers when you decide to sell. If you add all this to the numerous advantages of fibreglass compared to other materials, your Aqua Innovation pool will definitely become a great selling point.

5. Sustainable investment

A fibreglass pool from Aqua Innovation is an extremely wise choice compared to concrete pools or pools with liners. Among their many advantages, let’s mention the following:
• Superior durability
• Ease of installation and maintenance
• Requires fewer chemicals
• Higher energy efficiency
• Excellent structural strength
• Incomparable watertightness thanks to a monohull structure

Aqua Innovation offers you different models of fibreglass pools in an impressive variety of styles, sizes, and colours. Hours of pleasure as a couple, as a family, or among friends await you. Contact Aqua Innovation to learn more!