In-Ground Pools and Hydrotherapy: A Winning Combination for Your Health!

On the occasion of World Water Day on March 22nd, we invite you to discover the many benefits of hydrotherapy. What is hydrotherapy? It is the use of water for therapeutic purposes, for both the body and the mind.

The healing and regenerative properties of water have been known for centuries. In ancient times, for example, people visited hot springs and public baths to relax and relieve all sorts of aches and pains. These days, you can enjoy the benefits of water in your own backyard thanks to a fibreglass in-ground pool or spa from Aqua Innovation!

The benefits of an in-ground pool for the body

Whether you use your in-ground pool for swimming or aquafitness or simply for relaxation, water is beneficial for the body in several ways:
• Sleep: One of the main virtues of hydrotherapy is its beneficial effect for sleep. Immersion in water helps relax the whole body and prepare it for a restorative sleep.

• Joints and muscles: Water soothes joint and muscle pain. The feeling of weightlessness gives us a little break from gravity. Water also offers resistance to strengthen the muscles without sweating! Your in-ground pool can therefore be used to train your body, in addition to being a place of pleasure and relaxation.

• Cardiovascular system: Water helps relieve blood circulation problems. People who suffer from varicose veins or heavy legs will appreciate the soothing effects of hydrotherapy. In addition, if you use your in-ground pool for swimming, you can enhance your respiratory and cardiovascular capacities.

• Skin: Water cleans and purifies the skin. It can also relieve the feelings of itching and burning that accompany certain dermatological problems. The cold water of an in-ground pool also has a toning and firming effect on the epidermis.

The benefits of an in-ground pool for the mind

Hydrotherapy doesn’t just have an impact on the body. It also has many properties that promote mental and psychological well-being, such as the following:
• Stress management and relaxation: Stress plays an important role in our survival. When faced with danger, the body must be ready to react quickly! But when it lasts too long, stress can be very harmful to our mental and physical health. That’s why hydrotherapy can be a very attractive solution for managing your stress. By having an in-ground pool at home, you can relax in total peace whenever you need!

• Awareness of the present moment: Do you sometimes feel like life moves too quickly? By purchasing an in-ground pool to create an oasis of peace at home, you can take advantage of moments of tranquility and take the time to really live in the present moment. It’s a great way to re-centre yourself!

• Appreciation of nature: Spending time in nature is very beneficial for your mental health. Thanks to your in-ground pool, you’ll spend much more time outside instead of spending your free time in front of a screen. Whether you live in the city or the country, nature has many wonders to offer. Take the time to stop and admire them!

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in your own in-ground pool? Don’t wait any longer! Discover the different types of fibreglass pools that Aqua Innovation offers. Your dream is within reach!