piscine creusée en fibre de verre

The Benefits of an In-Ground Pool During Pregnancy

Are you expecting a child? Congratulations! In honour of World Pregnant Women’s Day, which is celebrated on June 18th, Aqua Innovation presents the benefits of using an in-ground pool during pregnancy. As you will see, it’s a perfect way to stay active while you wait for your baby to arrive!

Exercising in the water: Good for mother and baby

Doctors often recommend that pregnant women practise a physical activity of moderate intensity, and swimming is the perfect exercise. Not only can you work all the muscles in your body and get your blood pumping, but you’ll also help your baby develop properly. In fact, according to researchers from the Université de Montréal, getting regular physical activity during pregnancy is beneficial to the development of the child’s brain. In addition, swimming helps reduce the risk of pregnancy-related complications. These are all great arguments for working out regularly in your in-ground pool!

Work your muscles gently

If you were already active before getting pregnant, you’ll definitely want to avoid losing all your muscle mass. Water offers great resistance to work all your muscles gently. If you’re not a fan of swimming, try aquafitness exercises in your in-ground pool. By keeping a good muscle tone during your pregnancy, you’ll be able to recover more quickly after giving birth, and you’ll have more energy to take care of your little bundle of joy!

Regain lightness

For many women, pregnancy comes with its share of little annoyances. The rounder your stomach gets, the more you risk suffering from muscle or joint pain, especially in your back. So let yourself be carried away by the feeling of weightlessness offered by the water to relieve your spine. Practise floating in your in-ground pool to make yourself feel light again!

Cool off in the summer

The extreme heat can be hard to bear when you’re pregnant. Swimming in a pool is a perfect way to get some exercise without sweating or wearing yourself out too much! In addition, if you have swollen legs and feet during pregnancy, the cool water of your in-ground pool will bring you sweet relief. So avoid overexerting yourself in the heat by staying in the water!

Relax completely

Having an in-ground pool will let you not only get some exercise, but also relax your whole body and find serenity. Contact with the water provides many benefits:

• Improved sleep: Contact with the water of an in-ground pool will prepare your body to fall into a deep and restorative sleep.

• Better stress management: It only takes a few minutes in your in-ground pool for you to feel the tension being released from your body. You’ll be able to forget the worries of your daily life and stay more zen.

• Special moments with your baby: Take advantage of the time spent in your in-ground pool to feel your baby moving in your stomach. What a magical sensation!

Did you know that Aqua Innovation’s fibreglass in-ground pools are equipped with built-in benches? Expectant mothers will love sitting on them to relax fully as they wait for their baby to arrive!

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